About Us

It all started in 1999...

Euronique Inc. was founded in March, 1999, in Haubstadt, Indiana by Scott and David Hasenour. Prior to founding Euronique Inc., Scott worked at a cabinet company for twelve years and managed the casework division. During that period, Scott became convinced that the tri-state area needed a large, well organized, and technology driven cabinet company. Scott convinced his brother David, a machinist, to become his business partner. David's knowledge about machines made him a perfect fit for managing others using the necessary equipment. Scott and David also enlisted the help of their cousin who had worked for five years under Scott building cabinets. From this small core of three people, Euronique Inc. began.

At the beginning, the company was a family operation. The company was started in a fifteen hundred square foot pole barn adjacent to Scott's home. The building was designed and built by Scott and David's father, uncles, family, and friends. The company quickly outgrew the pole barn. In the spring of 2000, they relocated the business to an eight thousand square foot building leased in Elberfeld, Indiana.

Due to rapid growth and expanding production volume, Euronique began buying larger equipment and hiring personnel at an accelerated rate. By the fall of 2001, it was obvious that the company was outgrowing its building again. Plans were made and construction began on an eighteen thousand square foot state of the art facility. Within one year, the building was completed and the machinery was moved to its new location. Still a growing company, Euronique contracted an addition to the existing structure in 2005. The facility was expanded to thirty-two thousand square feet, housing the expanded CNC machinery division, a larger custom millwork department, and a more spacious cabinet assembly line. Currently, Euronique Inc. employs approximately twenty-five people. The company continues to upgrade its manufacturing capability to keep up with the demands of the market and incorporate the advent of new and improved technologies in the industry.