Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers with excellent service, top quality architectural wood, and plastic laminated products. Doing this will create a solid financially stable company allowing for advancement in our industry. Euronique Inc. will strive to achieve better products through design development while using the latest tools, machinery, and technology. This will provide our customers with the best possible products available in the market. Employees are one of our main assets so we shall provide solid growth to allow our employees to have advancement opportunities and give them financial stability. We shall provide a safe work environment with tools and equipment needed to perform job duties to the best of their abilities. All employees will be respected and treated fairly at all times. Customers shall be treated with respect and will get a top quality product with attention to detail every time on time.  We will strive to maintain a hands on approach to managing projects. This will enhance our ability to make changes and adjust our business strategies as needed to stay competitive and allow us to pursue excellence in the products we manufacture. We shall strive to carry on the traditions that the woodworking industry was built upon and only use practices that advance the industry. Woodworking is a part of our heritage and has been handed down by generations of craftsmen so we shall inherit those practices and pass them down to generations to come. Wood is a renewable product so we shall be friendly to the environment to allow future generations the same opportunities we have been blessed with.